Disciplinary Actions

TSE requires trading participants to comply with laws and regulations, and imposes penalties such as fines on trading participants that violate the laws and regulations.

DateTrading ParticipantViolation Disciplinary Action (reference) Regulatory ActionDetails
Mar. 15, 2024 SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd. Accepting orders from customers to purchase listed financial instruments on the financial instruments exchange market while knowing that causing fluctuation of market prices of said listed financial instruments, etc., will result in artificial price formation out of line with actual market conditions. Fine of JPY JPY 100 millionRegarding securities initially publicly offered (IPO securities), the acceptance of entrustment related to their purchase and sales that are accompanied with solicitation by the Company on the day of the IPO is suspended (one week) icon-pdf
Nov. 30, 2023 MIKI SECURITIES CO., LTD. (1) Solicitations in violation of the suitability principle, (2) Inadequate system to comply with the suitability principle CensureSuspension of trading business involving the new solicitation of foreign stocks (one month) icon-pdf
Sep. 28, 2023 Chibagin Securities Co.,Ltd. (1) Solicitations in violation of the suitability principle were continuously conducted for a long time, (2) Insufficient system to comply with the suitability principle Censure- icon-pdf
Dec. 20, 2022 SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. (1) Conduct of making illegal purchases, etc. for the purpose of stabilizing market prices of listed shares, (2) Deficiency in the control environment for transaction screening, (3) Deficiency in the control environment for business operations relating to block offers, (4) Inappropriate operations of business in cooperation with a bank Fine of JPY JPY 300 million and Suspension of securities trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for the proprietary account of the Equity Department (five days)Suspension trading of securities related to block offer business including solicitation, consignment, and executions (three months) icon-pdf
Points Considered in Deciding Disciplinary Actions