Indices including TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index), calculated and published by JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI), are intellectual properties that belong to JPXI or affiliates of JPXI. All rights to calculate, publicize, disseminate, and use the indices are reserved by JPXI or affiliates of JPXI.

Therefore, a license is required to use TOPIX or other indices for the sale or the issuing of index-linked funds or bonds or other financial products including derivatives such as options, swaps and warrants on the OTC market.

Process for Acquiring a License for Domestic ETFs icon-pdf
TSE-Calculated Indices for Which a License can be Granted for Domestic ETFs icon-pdf

In accordance to JPXI's licensing requirements, a license is also needed to use TOPIX or other indices for disseminating, providing, showing etc. to a third party.

In cases where TOPIX or other indices are used for your own use as an indicator of the Tokyo stock market, a license is not required.

  • ・Please contact us for the license policy and the treatment of JPXI's co-brand indices with third parties.


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