Market Participants

In order to participate in Carbon Credit Market, applicants must register as a Market Participants in Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The list of Carbon Credit Market Participants is published on this website.

Registration Requirements

  • Applicants must meet the following a. through f. to register as a Market Participant.
a Being a corporation, government or local government, or nin-i dantai (voluntary organization)
b Having a system in place to ensure stable operations*
c Having sound management, including having sufficient social credibility to be a TSE trading participant and not being subject to the control or influence of any party lacking social credibility or any other party considered inappropriate in light of the objectives of TSE and its operation of the markets
d Not being insolvent
e Having established a bank account and a J-Credit Scheme Registry account in the applicant’s own name and being registered as a qualified invoice issuer (see next page for details)
f Not having representatives, directors, or important employees that fall under any of the following items:

(a) A person who does not have the appropriate recognition, judgement, or two-way communication abilities that are needed to carry out their business due to a mental disorder;
(b) A person for whom a decision of commencement of bankruptcy proceedings has been made and who has not obtained restoration of rights, or a person who is treated in the same manner under foreign laws and regulations; or
(c) A person who has been sentenced to a punishment at least as severe as imprisonment (including equivalent punishment under foreign laws and regulations), or fines under the provisions of the Commodity Derivatives Transaction Act or equivalent foreign laws and regulations (including equivalent punishment under foreign laws and regulations), where less than five years have passed since the date of completion or cancellation of said punishment.
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange requires applicants to nominate at least two (2) executives or employees in order to ensure stable operations.
Registration Requiremente
Having established a bank account and a J-Credit Scheme Registry account in the applicant’s own name and being registered as a qualified invoice issuer

Please note the following points.

  • The bank account must be in your own name and be a Japan-based account (i.e., provided by a branch in Japan).
  • The J-Credit Scheme Registry account must be in your own name.
  • Qualified invoice issuers (as a general rule):
    • In response to the introduction of the new invoicing system in October 2023, TSE will provide qualified invoices and related documents.
    • Because checking to see whether a customer is a qualified invoice issuer is difficult, Participants may not act as agents for orders from others.
    • For foreign corporations, there are additional procedures to be a qualified invoice issuer.


Applicants must fill out the required documents listed below and submit them to

    Form Governement, Local Municipality, Local Public Entity Listed Company in TSE Trading Participant in TSE, OSE or TOCOM, Clearing Participant in JSCC Others
Application Form Registration Application Form of Carbon Credit Market Participant *2 icon-doc
Appendix 1 Company Profile -*3 - - -
Appendix 2 Financial Documents (BL, PL etc.) - - - -
Appendix 3 Bank Account and J-Credit Scheme Registry account information icon-xls
Appendix 4 Documents proving that you have a J-Credit Scheme Registry account -*4
Appendix 5 Documents proving that you are a qualified invoice issuer -*5
Appendix 6 Contact information of people in charge icon-xls
  • For the List of Trading Participants of JPX, click here. For the list of Clearing Participants, cleck here.
  • For the documents referred to in the Application Form, click here.
  • Format is not specified. For example, screenshot or PDF of the website of the company website is also acceptable.
  • Format is not specified. Acceptable format includes the screenshot or PDF of the page(s) of J-Credt Scheme Registry System indicating the applicant's account information details such as account number or account holder's information etc.
  • Format is not specified. For example, Screenshot or PDF file of the search result of the applicant on the qualified invoice issuer publication website of National Tax Agency of Japan is also acceptable. For your reference, please refer to the "Revisions by Invoice System" here on how foreign entityes should deal with the new consumption tax system in Japan regarding futures transactions with delivery settlement involving the transfer of consumption taxes.