About Listing

Enhance Corporate Value in Japan

Coverage by media, including market news of newspapers, will allow your company to enhance its corporate and product reputation in Japan. The company will be able to retain and attract excellent people as well.

Smooth and Diversified Fundraising

Once listed on TSE, your company will have access to direct finance through capital increase. You can issue shares at market price through public offerings, or issue subscription warrants or corporate bonds with subscription warrants, among others. Our highly liquid market can bring more efficient and diverse fund-raising capacity for your company to grow further.

Improve its Internal Management System and Enhance the Employees’ Motivation

Corporate disclosure will allow investors and other third parties to examine your company’s corporate management. Therefore, your company has obligations to continue to improve and strengthen its management system as well as its internal management. Becoming a public company will also help boost the morale of the officers and employees of the company.

Voices of Listed Companies

Sou is a series of interviews with the founders and managers of companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, focusing on their personalities and appeal.
As well as discussing topics such as their outlook on management, we also get to hear their opinions, thoughts, and even about their private lives, which cannot be heard anywhere else.

Top Executive Interviews Sou