On-demand strike prices

On-demand strike prices offer a mechanism to add strike prices based on application from participants alongside normal strike prices that are automatically set according to the rules.
The new series will be available for trading from the next business day.
A list of on-demand strikes to be added on the next business day will be available at the page below.

New/Additional Strike Prices


  • Nikkei 225 Options (including Weekly Options)
  • TOPIX Options
  • JPX-Nikkei 400 Options
  • Options on JGB Futures
  • ・excluding Securities Options

Contract months and strike prices

Contract months: All contract months traded on the application day
Strike prices: Set at the same interval as normal strike prices, subject to certain conditions specified by OSE.

Conditions for the interval of the strike prices

Products Interval of the strike prices Remarks
Nikkei 225 Options ¥125 for nearest 3 contract months
¥250 for other contract months
Weekly Options \125 for all weekly contracts
TOPIX Options 25 pts. for nearest 3 contract months
50 pts. for other contract months
JPX-Nikkei 400 Options 250 pts. for nearest 3 contract months
500 pts. for other contract months
Options on JGB Futures \0.50 for all contract months