Reference Data

JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc.(JPXI) provides various kinds of reference data such as index data, O/H/L/C Price and data for trading participants.

Service Lineup

Service Outline
Index Data Service Index level data and constituents level data of JPXI indices.
O/H/L/C Price (Cash Equities) Opening/high/low/closing price of the data provision date for cash equities listed on the TSE market.
Master File The master data (Basic data, articles of incorporation data, etc.) for each domestic companies listed on all stock exchanges in Japan.
Open Interest of Margin Transactions (as of subscription date) Open interest (long & short positions) of margin transactions for each week as of the subscription date for individual equities listed on the TSE market, and the aggregate data.
O/H/L/C Price(Carbon Credit) & ToSTNeT Super-Block Execution Provides information on opening, high, low and closing prices, base prices, and trading volume for each trading category for the data provision date, for carbon credit market and information on trades with a trading value of JPY 5 billion or higher in single-issue trading (ToSTNeT-1) (excluding trading for which both sale and purchase are entrusted by customers).
Data for Trading Participants Executed transaction file, Give-Up/ Take-Up details information, Trading Analysis Data.

Delivery Channel

Service Types Overview Related Documents
Website Service Downloading data in CSV format from Reference Information Website (Japanese/English). icon-pdf
Data Feed Service Pulling data from our information distribution system via internet FTP and SFTP. icon-pdf

Usage Fee

The fees for Reference Data and Corporate Action Data differ depending on the data usage scope (Single Entity Use, Affiliate Companies Use and Redistribution) and Service Types.
For redistribution of the data to third parties, on the top of basic fee, the volume charge may be applied.
Please see the below Fee Schedule for the detail.

Fee Schedule for Reference Data Services icon-pdf


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