Reference Data


Index Data Services has become an indispensable tool for asset managers following TOPIX as their benchmark, portfolio traders and middle office staff in charge of risk control.

Comprehensiveness User can obtain comprehensive data on all indices including TOPIX calculated by TSE and their constituent issues.
Accuracy/ Reliability The data directly provided from the index calculator (TSE) is accurate and reliable.
Efficiency Index data service dispenses with user's daily index maintenance operation and reduces operation risks.
Convenience Whenever corporate actions and addition to or deletion from the constituents are announced, types of events, effective date, the change in the number of shares and other relevant data are provided in advance, thereby enabling users to rebalance their portfolio in a timely manner.

Main User Types

Broker-Dealer, Trust Bank, Asset Management, Pension Fund, Information vendor, Individual Investor

Delivery Channel

Service Types Overview File Specification
Website Service Downloading data in CSV format from Reference Information Website (Japanese/English). icon-pdf
Data Feed Service Pulling data from our information distribution system via internet FTP and SFTP. icon-pdf

Outline of Web Service

Menu Name Overview
New Info. Latest update files can be downloaded at once in a CSV file.
Price Return Index/
Total Return Index
Index level data (Base Market Value, Close, etc.) can be searched and downloaded.
(Storage period: 2years for daily and monthly, 10 years for annual cycle)
Change in Constituents' Level Data Change in constituents' level data (change in No. of shares and securities' attributes) can be searched by period, issue, indices and event type.
Index Constituents Master The Index Constituents master data from previous 10 days up to the following one month can be downloaded in a CSV file.