Report Matters Affecting the Eligibility of Listing Applicants

This page is for executives, employees, and other related parties of companies applying for listing on Tokyo Stock Exchange to provide us with information regarding falsified financial statements and other matters that will materially affect an applicant’s eligibility for listing.

The information provided will be used for our listing examination operations. Please note that the information provided will be shared with the lead managing underwriter to the extent deemed necessary for the listing examination and relevant parties may be contacted for confirmation. Although we take utmost care to preserve the anonymity of the person(s) who provided the information, please understand that there may be cases where the initial listing applicant may be able to infer that the investigation was initiated as a result of the information provided.


- Please note that due to confidentiality obligations under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and possible adverse impact on investigations, we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding the existence, schedule, progress, or results of any investigations related to listing examination by Japan Exchange Regulation.