JPX English Disclosure GATE

JPX English Disclosure GATE

JPX launched "JPX English Disclosure GATE" with the aim of improving the accessibility of corporate information to overseas investors and further facilitating disclosure and provision of corporate information in English by listed companies. Through this service, JPX provides information considered useful for overseas investors and listed companies respectively.

Company Announcements Service
For Overseas Investors For the latest English disclosure materials

Listed Company Search
For Overseas Investors For listed companies' basic data and disclosed materials, etc.

Corporate Governance Information Search
For Overseas Investors Service which provides corporate governance information with a search function

Availability of English Disclosure Information by Listed Companies
For Overseas Investors For information on which listed companies are conducting English disclosure

For Overseas Investors For investor-oriented videos such as company introductions and messages from corporate representatives, etc.

Investor Transcript Service
For Overseas Investors For Listed Companies Service which provides transcripts of corporate events such as financial results briefings. Listed company-oriented guidance is also available.

Guide to English Materials Distribution Service
For Listed Companies Usage guide for the English Materials Distribution Service for Listed Companies

English Sample Disclosure Forms
For Listed Companies For sample disclosure forms in English.

List of Terms in Japanese and English
For Listed Companies For links to a list of terms in Japanese and English and related websites

Practical Handbook for English Disclosure
For Listed Companies We provide a handbook that summarizes advice and points to note about disclosing information in English.

Interviews with Listed Companies Regarding English Disclosure
For Listed Companies You can read interviews with listed companies about their efforts regarding English disclosure.

Companies Supporting Overseas IR/Translation
For Listed Companies Information on companies supporting overseas IR and translation

Survey Reports
For Listed Companies       For Overseas Investors We provide survey reports about English disclosure.


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