Interviews with Listed Companies Regarding English Disclosure

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has interviewed the following listed companies, some of which were rated in a survey of overseas investors as being proactive about English disclosure, regarding their efforts at English disclosure (e.g., the story behind their starting or expanding English disclosure, the ways they have come up with to conduct English disclosure, and the response of overseas investors).
Please read the interviews for your reference when considering commencing and/or expanding English disclosure practices.

  • ・The market segment of listed companies is current as of the time of the interview and may be listed on a different market in the present day.
  • ・For overseas investors' responses to the survey, please click the link below.
Survey Reports (Report of the Survey to Overseas Investors on English Disclosure by Japanese Companies)

List of Interviews

Prime Market

  • Code: 6869
  • Sector: Electric Appliances

Enhanced disclosure with medium- and long-term perspectives
Increased understanding from stakeholders, including overseas investors.

Yukari Inoue, Akiko Yamamoto

  • Code: 6098
  • Sector: Services
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Taking on the Challenge of Increasing Corporate Value in a Rapidly Changing Global Market Through High Quality Simultaneous Disclosure in English and Japanese

Mizuho Shen, Masahiro Ito

  • Code: 3182
  • Sector: Retail Trade
Oisix ra daichi Inc.

Building Trusting Relationships with Overseas Investors by Improving English Disclosure

Shoya Umemura

  • Code: 8252
  • Sector: Retail Trade

Efforts for Disclosure of ESG Information from Global Perspectives and Deepening Dialogue with Overseas Investors

Mariko Kuwae, Nahoko Kutsukake, Naho Murakami

  • Code: 6370
  • Sector: Machinery
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

Enhancing English Disclosure of Non-Financial Information, and Praise from Overseas Investors from an ESG Perspective

Kosuke Arai, Kumiko Sasaki, Shizuko Yamazaki

  • Code: 3836
  • Sector: Information & Communication

Attracting Active Investors by Disclosing Management Information in English

Kenji Nishimura


Standard Market

  • Code: 8914
  • Sector: Real Estate
Arealink Co., Ltd.

Number of Meetings with Overseas Investors Increased Through Enhanced English Disclosure
Learning From Conversation with Investors Leads to Improved Management Capabilities

Yasuaki Otaki

  • Code: 6524
  • Sector: Electric Appliances

English-Language Disclosure Is a Prerequisite for Dialogue with Overseas Investors
Making Contact with New Overseas Investors by Beefing up Disclosure Content

Kohei Nozato, Hiroyuki Kunitomo, Atsuki Sugimoto


Growth Market

  • Code: 4475
  • Sector: Information & Communication

Declaration of English as the Company's Official Language
Increasing Liquidity Through Simultaneous Disclosure in Japanese and English

Ryo Kobayashi, Chihiro Kurotaki, Akane Kataoka

  • Code: 3491
  • Sector: Real Estate
GAtechnologies Co.,Ltd.

Engaged in proactive overseas IR efforts since initial listing.
Setting target ratios for overseas investors, developing plans for distributing information, and more.

Satoko Watanabe

  • Code: 4435
  • Sector: Information & Communication
Kaonavi, inc.

Turning Attention to Overseas Investors and Promoting Disclosure in English

Kimitaka Hashimoto


The Interviews with Listed Companies Regarding English Disclosure (hereinafter "Interviews") are only intended for TSE to provide information regarding listed companies' initiatives for English disclosure, and have not been prepared for soliciting investment in individual stocks.
The Interviews do not fall under disclosure materials based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan.
TSE does not guarantee or admit trueness and accurateness of the Interviews, completeness of descriptions about important matters, and values of securities issued by the listed companies included in the Interviews.
The values of securities issued by the listed companies included in the Interviews fluctuate, which means that investment principals of such securities are not guaranteed.
TSE does not assume any responsibility or liability for any cost or damages resulting from the use of information included in the Interviews.