Companies Supporting Overseas IR/Translation

Companies Supporting Overseas IR/Translation

The Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA) (see note) publishes a list of its member companies that support overseas IR and translation of documents. If your company is considering outsourcing translation of documents or other related activities, please refer to the following information.

  • ・JIRA is the only privately-run non-profit organization in Japan which engages in business aimed at spreading IR activities and improving their quality. For an overview of JIRA and its business activities, please access its website.
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This information from Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) does not constitute a recommendation to conclude a contract with any company supporting overseas IR/translation listed on the Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA) website (hereinafter "overseas IR/translation supporting companies"). TSE does not guarantee or approve services, etc. provided by the overseas IR/translation supporting companies. TSE shall bear no responsibility or liability for any expenses or damages, etc. arising from any relationship between said companies and your company.



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