Guide to English Materials Distribution Service

Overview of TSE English Materials Distribution Service

With the aim of encouraging transmission of corporate information in English and facilitating communication between listed companies and overseas investors, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) offers a "TSE English Materials Distribution Service" that widely disseminates corporate information in English via TDnet. This service has been used by many listed companies so far as a platform to easily provide English corporate information to overseas investors, etc.
Japan's Corporate Governance Code stipulates, in its Supplementary Principle 3.1.2, that "Bearing in mind the number of foreign shareholders, companies should, to the extent reasonable, take steps for providing English language disclosures".
TSE highly recommends all listed companies to use this service to strengthen their information distribution to overseas investors, etc.

Overview of TSE English Materials Distribution Service
How to access the list of English materials on the TSE website

How to access the list of English materials on the TSE website

Benefits of Using the Service

  • By simply registering the English versions of your company's information disclosure materials with TDnet, they will automatically be disseminated in a timely way to the terminals of the information vendors, etc. that overseas investors use.
  • A list is also published on the JPX English website.
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  • The process for registering English documents to TDnet is the same as that for timely disclosure in Japanese.
  • Since the rules on timely disclosure set by TSE do not apply, the information targets, contents, timings, and formats, etc. are flexible.
  • There are no extra procedures required for use of this service. There are also no extra costs.

Companies Subscribing to English Materials Distribution Service

  • Bloomberg L.P.
  • FactSet Research Systems Inc.
  • Jiji Press,Ltd.
  • Kyodo News
  • QUICK Corp.
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • ・The above companies are contractors using the TDnet Server-based Service for English disclosure documents, who have given permission for their names to be listed on this page. For details of the TDnet Server-based Service, please see the link below.
TDnet Server-based Service (Reference information)

Information Provided

The English versions of the following corporate information documents disclosed in Japanese are eligible. Excerpts of the corporate information published in Japanese may also be posted.

  • Timely disclosure information: Corporate information disclosed in accordance with the TSE rules
  • Filed information: Documents submitted in accordance with the TSE rules
  • PR information: Corporate information whose usefulness to investment decisions is not necessarily clear
  • Reports on ESG information: ESG reports, etc. that contain information on environment, social, and governance (ESG) factors
  • Securities reports, etc.: Corporate information disclosed in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

Timing of Disclosure

Even if you are not able to register English timely disclosure documents at the same time as the Japanese versions, you can register them later as soon as they become ready for disclosure.

Rules on Titles of Disclosed Documents

If English materials to be posted fall under "Correction/update", "Excerpt", or "Publication after the Japanese disclosure day", the following identifiers will be displayed before their titles.

Type Identifier displayed before the title
Correction/update [Updated]
Excerpt [Summary]
Publication after the Japanese disclosure day [Delayed]

Disclosure Forms

TSE provides English Sample Disclosure Forms on the following page, with the aim of standardizing and improving the quality of English disclosure documents as well as reducing the burden for listed companies in creating them. TSE recommends use of these examples.

English Sample Disclosure Forms

How to Register Documents with TDnet

"English materials submission guidance" is posted for reference, on the "TDnet Usage Manuals" page of the "Listed Companies-oriented Navigation System" site.

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FAQ (in Japanese)

The "FAQ on the TSE English Materials Distribution Service" is posted on the "Listed Company-oriented Navigation System" page for reference, based on many questions TSE has received and its answers.

FAQ on TSE English Materials Distribution Service (Navigation System for Listed Companies)(in Japanese only)icon-block


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