Company Announcements Service

Overview of Company Announcements Service

Overview of Company Announcements Distribution Service in English

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) provides a "Company Announcements Service" with the aim of providing overseas investors with easy access to English materials published by listed companies.

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Information Provided

The "Company Announcements Service" provides materials (full texts or excerpts) published voluntarily in English by listed companies via TDnet* relating to the following types of corporate information published in Japanese:

  • Timely disclosure information: Corporate information disclosed in accordance with the TSE rules
  • Filed information: Documents submitted based on the TSE rules
  • PR information: Corporate information whose usefulness to investment decisions is not necessarily clear
  • Reports on ESG information: ESG reports, etc. that contain information on environment, social, and governance (ESG) factors
  • Securities reports, etc.: Corporate information disclosed in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  • For an overview of TDnet, please see the following link.
Overview of TDnet

Timely disclosure of corporate information in Japanese is conducted in accordance with the TSE rules, which stipulate the items subject to and contents and timings, etc. of timely disclosure. However, this does not apply to English documents provided via the "Company Announcements Service". As such, English information provided via this service may not fully cover corporate information published in Japanese by listed companies.

Also, please note that the service allows excerpts from the corporate information published in Japanese, so information provided may be only part of Japanese materials and not their full text.

To access timely disclosure information in Japanese, please use the "Company Announcements Disclosure Service" service.

Company Announcements Disclosure Service (in Japanese only)icon-block

Timing of Information Provision

Information in English is listed on the "Company Announcements Service" immediately after it is disclosed via TDnet. (To access the latest information in the webpage, please click the refresh button in your browser.)

TSE rules regarding Japanese disclosure do not apply to English materials published via the "Company Announcements Service". As such, not all Japanese information is published in English, and English information may be published later than the Japanese.

Duration of Information Provision

Information is available for 31 days (including the day of disclosure, as well as Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
For information from further back, please use the "Listed Company Search" service and the "TDnet Database Service (paid)".

Listed Company Search
TDnet Database Service (Paid)

Rules on Titles of Disclosed Documents

If English materials to be posted fall under "Update of English materials", "Excerpts or summary of Japanese materials", or "Publication after the Japanese disclosure day", the following identifiers will be displayed before their titles on TDnet.

Type Identifier displayed before the title
Update of English materials [Updated]
Excerpt or summary of the Japanese materials [Summary]
Publication after the Japanese disclosure day [Delayed]

Display Rules for Revised Documents

Corrections to Titles

If a mistake in the title of the disclosed information is corrected, the font color of the new title will change to green and the previous title will be struck out. In addition, the date and time of the revision will be displayed in the "Update history" column.

Deleted Information

If disclosed information has been deleted for any reason, the font color of its title will change to red, and the disclosed materials (in PDF format) will become unavailable for viewing. The date and time of the deletion will be displayed in the "Update history" column.

Operating Environment

OS Browser
Windows 10 Microsoft Edge(Chromium)
Windows 10 Google Chrome
Windows 11 Microsoft Edge(Chromium)
Windows 11 Google Chrome

You can read disclosure materials (PDF) using supported browsers instead of Adobe, so Adobe Reader is not required.



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