Report Unfair Trading in JPX Markets

This page is for the public to provide us with information on likely unfair trading that involves issues listed on the markets of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Exchange, and Tokyo Commodity Exchange, such as “Company A‘s stock price is moving in an unnatural manner; I heard that Mr. B is involved...” or “Mr. D of Company C seems to have traded on inside information...”

If you have information about an unfair trade, please submit it here. Your information will be used to help us in our market surveillance activities, such as in reviewing trading activity.

  • Insider trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Spreading rumors
  • Improper large acquisitions of shares or violation of the obligation to submit large shareholding reports (failure to submit reports, false statements, etc.)
  • Other acts that violate laws and regulations

(Reference) About Unfair Trading (Market Manipulation/ Insider Trading)

- Please note that due to legal confidentiality obligations, we are unable to respond regarding the existence, schedule, progress, or results of any investigations conducted based on the information provided.