Report Matters Affecting the Eligibility of Listed Companies

This page is for the public, including a wide range of related parties, to provide us with information regarding the following matters concerning listed companies. Please do not submit requests to mediate individual issues or conduct investigations.

  • Appropriateness of disclosures (timely disclosure, etc.) made by listed companies (e.g., whether the timing of disclosure is appropriate, or if the disclosure contains falsehoods, lacks information deemed important for investment decisions, or is misleading in terms of investment decisions.)
  • Whether there are any problems with the status of compliance with the "Corporate Code of Conduct," which sets out the minimum requirements to be observed as a listed company (e.g., whether there are any problems with the development, establishment, and operation of the internal control system required of listed companies to comply with laws and regulations)
Corporate Code of Conduct
  • Possible violation of the various delisting criteria (e.g., involvement of antisocial forces)
Outline of delisting criteria

When providing information, please be as specific as possible (e.g., time period, name of the company, title and name of the person(s) involved, fraudulent activities/techniques, amount of money, evidence (proof, evidence trail)).
The information provided will be used for our listed company compliance operations.


- Please note that due to the confidentiality obligations under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and possible market impact or adverse impact on investigations, we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding the existence, schedule, progress, and results of any investigations related to listed company compliance or the information provided.
- For questions, comments, or opinions regarding the rules for timely disclosure, etc., please contact us through the following page.

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