Trading Rules of Domestic Stocks

Traditionally, trading of stocks was conducted by traders physically on the exchange's trading floor. Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) first introduced a computerized trading system for some issues on the TSE 2nd Section, which was one of the market divisions at the time, in January 1982. After this, trading using computerized systems expanded, and the physical trading floor was completely closed on April 30, 1999. Since then, all regular trades of stocks have been conducted through computerized trading systems.

The current trading system, which has been in place since January 4, 2010, is called arrowhead. Now there are more than 3,000 listed companies on TSE and orders are in the tens of millions a day, but this huge number of transactions is all processed by arrowhead.

Guide to TSE Trading Methodology

For investors to understand the TSE trading methodology, TSE offers "Guide to TSE Trading Methodology", a guide book explains how transactions on the TSE market works. The PDF file of the guide book is available online for free. To download, please click the following link.

Guide to TSE Trading Methodology icon-pdf