Trading Rules of Domestic Stocks

TSE sets a price range, known as the "Daily Price Limit", within which price fluctuations are limited in a single day. Daily Price Limits are set in absolute yen basically according to prices such as the previous day's closing price (Base Price).

Under the current TSE rules, daily price limits are, in principle, broadened on the following business day (the third business day) if either of the following conditions is met for two consecutive business days:
(1) The price reaches the upper (or lower) limit, no "closing auction at the limit price"* is carried out and trading volume remains zero; or
(2) There are no shares traded until the end of the afternoon session, but some shares are traded at the afternoon session closing auction at the upper (or lower) limit with bids (or offers) remaining at the upper (or lower) limit.

*In order to match and execute orders at the daily limit price, instead of the normal Itayose method, TSE uses a special mechanism with relaxed conditions for closing auctions at the limit price to determine the closing price of the afternoon session (the "closing auction at the limit price").

The issues which fell under (1) or (2) today icon-csv

【Type of closing price】
1.Reaching upper price limit 2.Reaching lower price limit 3.Reaching upper price limit(no shares traded) 4.Reaching lower price limit(no shares traded)

Previous Day's Closing Price/Special Quote (yen) Daily Price Limits (yen)
Less than 100 ±30
Less than 200 50
Less than 500 80
Less than 700 100
Less than 1,000 150
Less than 1,500 300
Less than 2,000 400
Less than 3,000 500
Less than 5,000 700
Less than 7,000 1,000
Less than 10,000 1,500
Less than 15,000 3,000
Less than 20,000 4,000
Less than 30,000 5,000
Less than 50,000 7,000
Less than 70,000 10,000
Less than 100,000 15,000
Less than 150,000 30,000
Less than 200,000 40,000
Less than 300,000 50,000
Less than 500,000 70,000
Less than 700,000 100,000
Less than 1 million 150,000
Less than 1.5 million 300,000
Less than 2 million 400,000
Less than 3 million 500,000
Less than 5 million 700,000
Less than 7 million 1 million
Less than 10 million 1.5 million
Less than 15 million 3 million
Less than 20 million 4 million
Less than 30 million 5 million
Less than 50 million 7 million
50 million or more 10 million