Recent IPO of the Companies having relations with Foreign Country

Tokyo Stock Exchange promote listing on our exchange especially for companies having relations with foreign country, such as those that are/were registered in non-Japanese countries or those with non-Japanese CEO.

There have been several companies with having relations with foreign country that achieved IPOs in Tokyo Stock Exchange as follows.

Applicable types and number of companies since 2011

Applicable Type Number
Companies registered in a non-Japanese country 3
Inversion (Foreign company to Japanese company) 6
Japanese company run by a non-Japanese CEO 5
Japanese subsidiary of a foreign company 2
  • source: an internal investigation

IPO of the Companies having relations with foreign country in 2021

Date of Listing Issue Name Code Market Division Listing Celebration Movie (Japanese only)
Feb. 18, 2021 AXXZIA Inc. 4936 Mothers icon-movie
Mar. 30, 2021 Appier Group,Inc. 4180 Mothers icon-movie
Jun. 29, 2021 OMNI-PLUS SYSTEM LIMITED 7699 Mothers icon-movie