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  QUICK Bloomberg Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters Japan) CQG
Nikkei 225 101 NKY <Index> .N225 JNKC
JPX-Nikkei 400 105 JPNK400 <Index> .JPXNK400 JN400C
TSE Growth Market 250 Index 154 TSEMOTHR <Index> .MTHR JMOSC
RN Prime Index 140 RNPJ <Index> .JRN RNPC
Nikkei 225 VI 145 VNKY <Index> .JNIV NKVC


  QUICK Bloomberg Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters Japan) CQG
Nikkei 225 Futures 101.n NKA <Index> JNIcn JNK
Nikkei 225 mini 111.n NOA <Index> JNMcn MJNK
Nikkei 225 micro Futures 115.n/O JAIA <Index> JNUcn F.US.MC225
TOPIX Futures 151.n TPA <Index> JTIcn JTPX
mini-TOPIX Futures 159.n TMIA <Index> JTMcn JMT
JPX-Nikkei 400 Futures 105.n JPWA <Index> JN4Fcn J400
JPX Prime 150 Index Futures G180.n/O JBYA <Index> JTSPcn JP150
TSE Growth Market 250 Index Futures 154.n MROA <Index> JMIcn JMO
TOPIX Core30 Futures 171.n TCDA <Index> JTCcn JT30
RN Prime Index Futures 140.n AZA <Index> JRNcn RNP
TOPIX Banks Index Futures 348.n TZA <Index> JBKcn -
S&P/JPX 500 ESG Score Tilted Index Futures 168.n/O OSPA <Index> JSJEcn F.US.SJESG
FTSE JPX Net Zero Japan 500 Index Futures 169.n/O OFPA <Index> JNZRcn F.US.FJNZR
Nikkei 225 Climate Change 1.5℃ Target Index Futures 108.n/O OCCA <Index> JNKCcn F.US.NKC15I
DJIA Futures 144.n ODAA <Index> JDIcn JDJ
TAIEX Futures 147.n OFTA <Index> JTWcn JTX
FTSE China 50 Index Futures 148.n OFCA <Index> JFCcn JC5
Nikkei 225 Dividend Index 112.n INTA <Index> JNDcn NKYD
Nikkei 225 VI Futures 145.n JVIA <Index> JNVcn NKV
TSE REIT Index Futures 155.n TREA <Index> JRTcn JREI
5-year JGB Futures 604.n JJA <Comdty> JMBcn -
10-year JGB Futures 601.n JBA <Comdty> JGBcn JGB
mini 10-year JGB Futures (Cas-Settled) 611.n MJBA <Comdty> JGMcn JGBM
mini 20-year JGB Futures 602.n JJAA <Comdty> JTBcn J20B
3-Month TONA Futures 030.n/O JOAA <Comdty> JTOAcn F.US.TOA3M
Nikkei 225 Options OP2@ NKY <Index> 0#JNI*.OS JNK
Weekly Option

- From May 29, 2023, please refer to Nikkei 225 mini Options

OPW@ Week1:
  WNKYA <Index>
  WNKYC <Index>
  WNKYD <Index>
  WNKYE <Index>
  0#JNI1W *.OS
  0#JNI3W *.OS
  0#JNI4W *.OS
  0#JNI5W *.OS
Nikkei 225 mini Options 116#xxx.n*z/O Week1:
  NKYMW1 <Index>
  NKYM <Index>
  NKYMW3 <Index>
  NKYMW4 <Index>
  NKYMW5 <Index>
TOPIX Options OPT@ TPX <Index> 0#JTI*.OS JTPX
JPX-Nikkei 400 Options OP4@ JPNK400 <Index> 0#JN4O*.OS J400
Options on JGB Futures 601*1.n*K JBA <Comdty> 0#JGB+ JGB
Securities Options Kmmmm.n*K mmmm JT 0#OPT*.OS -
Gold Standard Futures FGLD.n/O JGA <Comdty> JAUcn TGD
Gold Mini Futures FGLDM.n/O JGPA <Comdty> JAMcn TMG
Gold Rolling-Spot Futures FGLDSP/O JGDDAILY <Comdty> JAUCFD= GDCD
Silver Futures FSLV.n/O JIA <Comdty> JSVcn TSL
Platinum Standard Futures FPLT.n/O JAA <Comdty> JPLcn TPL
Platinum Mini Futures FPLTM.n/O MJAA <Comdty> JPMcn TPM
Platinum Rolling-Spot Futures FPLTSP/O JAADAILY <Comdty> JPLCFD= PTCD
Palladium Futures FPAL.n/O JMA <Comdty> JPAcn TPA
CME Group Petroleum Index Futures FCMEPI.n/O CMEA <Index> JCPIcn -
RSS3 Rubber Futures FRB.n/O JNA <Comdty> JRUcn TRU
TSR20 Rubber Futures FTSR20.n/O B6A <Comdty> JRVcn TSR
Soy Beans Futures FSB.n/O JSA <Comdty> JAScn GSB
Red Beans(Azuki) Futures FREDB.n/O JEA <Comdty> JRBcn GAB
Corn Futures FCORN.n/O JCA <Comdty> JCRcn GCN
Options on Gold Futures PGLD.n*1/O JGA <Comdty> OMON 0#JAUc1++ TGOLD
Crude Oil Futures FPE.n/TOC CPA <Comdty> JCOcn TCO
Gasoline Futures FGS.n/TOC JVA <Comdty> JGLcn TGS
Kerosene Futures FKE.n/TOC JXA <Comdty> JKEcn TKR
Gas Oil Futures FGO.n/TOC ELA <Comdty> JGOcn TGO
East Area Baseload Electricity Futures FEABE.n/TOC VEBA <Comdty> JEBDcn TEB
West Area Baseload Electricity Futures FWABE.n/TOC VWBA <Comdty> JWBDcn TWB
East Area Peakload Electricity Futures FEAPE.n/TOC VEPA <Comdty> JEPDcn TEP
West Area Peakload Electricity Futures FWAPE.n/TOC VWPA <Comdty> JWPDcn TWP
LNG(Platts JKM)Futures FPJKM.n/TOC JGLA <Comdty> JLNGcn -
Chukyo Gasoline Futures FGSC.n/TOC EKA <Comdty> JCAcn TCGS
Chukyo Kerosene Futures FKEC.n/TOC ETA <Comdty> JCEcn TCKR

  • ・QUICK & Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters Japan) & CQG: The data for a whole day is available by the above codes.
  • ・QUICK & Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters Japan): "n" shows "Contract Month". Please enter "1" for the nearest contract month.
  • ・QUICK: The data for night (day) session is available by adding "/OE" ("/OD") to each code (e.g. "101.1/OE", "101.1/OD").
  • ・Bloomberg: Please enter the above codes at "CEM_OSE". Also, a session (i.e. day session, night session or whole day) can be selected.
  • ・Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters Japan): The data for night (day) session is available by adding "1" ("2") to each code (e.g. "1JNIc1", "2JNIc1")
  • ・CQG: As for Nikkei 225 Futures, the data for day session is available by entering "JN".
  • ・mmmm of the Securities Options' "code" stands for underlying security's "4 digit code".
  • ・QUICK: As for Nikkei 225 mini Options, "xxx" shows strike price, "n" shows "Contract Month", z: "3" shows "call" and "4" shows "put".

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