Alerts Regarding Unclear Information, etc.

If TSE identifies unclear information that has become available without official disclosure and determines that the information may affect investment decisions, TSE will check with the listed company and request timely and appropriate disclosure.
However, the listed company may require time to check for information that needs to be disclosed, or only certain information can be disclosed immediately.
Therefore, in May 2014, TSE introduced a system of issuing alerts to inform investors of unclear information, "System for Issuing Alerts.".

・The System for Issuing Alerts is not intended to impose restrictions or penalties on listed companies, or implement trading restrictions on issues subject to such alerts.
・Decisions on issuing alerts and halting or resuming trading are made separately.
・An alert are issued for each time TSE deems necessary and will not be removed.

Current Alerts

Code Issue Name Reason Remarks
4568 DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY, LIMITED Unclear information regarding business sell-offs has arisen. -
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Outline of System for Issuing Alerts icon-pdf

・Where a stock, for which margin trading can be made, becomes subject to the alert as prescribed in Rule 30 of the Business Rules, TSE may publicize its outstanding margin transactions on a daily basis.