Alerts Regarding Unclear Information, etc.

TSE has a system for issuing alerts regarding information about securities or its issuers if it deems necessary to inform investors. In particular, TSE will issue an alert in the following situations where necessary.
・When unclear information (i.e., a leak or rumor) that is deemed likely to have material impact on investment decisions (hereinafter referred to as ""unclear information"") becomes available.
・When there are other circumstances regarding a security or its issuer deemed to require particular attention.

  • ・The system for issuing alerts is not a penalty or measure to ensure the effectiveness of the Regulations. It is aimed at allowing TSE to promptly and flexibly issue alerts regarding unclear information in cases where time may be required before appropriate information disclosure can be made or where only certain information can be disclosed immediately.
  • ・Under the system, an alert is issued each time TSE deems it necessary and is not removed. As such, multiple alerts may be issued for a single case on the day when the unclear information becomes available, and alerts may be issued on subsequent days for the same unclear information.
  • ・Decisions on whether to issue an alert are made separately from decisions on whether to halt trading.
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Current Alerts

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List of Past Alerts

Date Code Issue Name Reason Publication of Outstanding Margin Trading Remarks
Jul. 19, 2019 4385 Mercari, Inc. Unclear information regarding earnings information has arisen. NO -
Jul. 18, 2019 7238 AKEBONO BRAKE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Unclear information regarding equity finance has arisen. NO -
Jul. 17, 2019 2678 ASKUL Corporation Unclear information regarding cancellation of capital alliance and business alliance has arisen. NO -
Apr. 25, 2019 4217 Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. Unclear information regarding bid has arisen. NO -
Apr. 08, 2019 7238 AKEBONO BRAKE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Unclear information regarding capital increase has become available by media. NO -
Feb. 25, 2019 3938 LINE Corporation Unclear information regarding business performance has become available by media. NO -
Feb. 21, 2019 4563 AnGes, Inc. Unclear information regarding pharmaceutical approval has become available by media. NO -
Feb. 05, 2019 4151 Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co.,Ltd. Unclear information regarding business restructuring has become available by media. NO -
Jan. 31, 2019 8114 DESCENTE, LTD. Unclear information regarding going private has arisen. NO -
Jan. 30, 2019 7238 AKEBONO BRAKE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Unclear information regarding business reconstruction ADR has become available by media. NO -
Jan. 24, 2019 8703 Securities Co.,Ltd. Unclear information regarding TOB has become available by media. NO -
Jan. 21, 2019 5938 LIXIL Group Corporation Unclear information regarding tender offer has become available by media. NO -
Jan. 11, 2019 6501 Hitachi, Ltd. Unclear information regarding Construction projects of nuclear power plant has become available by media. NO -
  • ・You can view company information etc. for each company by clicking issue name.
  • ・Where a stock, for which margin trading can be made, becomes subject to the alert as prescribed in Rule 30 of the Business Rules, TSE may publicize its outstanding margin transactions on a daily basis.
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