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JPX offers, as a connection service to JPX systems, "arrownet", a network which ensures business continuity during a disaster.


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"arrownet" is a highly reliable network connecting market participants to JPX trading and market information systems.
"arrownet" adopts cutting-edge technology to achieve high speed and large volume transmission, and secures business continuity in a disaster through some Access Points and a Secondary Site.
In addition to connecting to JPX, "arrownet" connects market participants to other marketing organizations. As an unified and common network in securities markets, "arrownet" provides convenient and effective accessibility to the markets with market participants.

System overview

System overview
  • If you wish to see an enlarged version of the above figure, please refer to the following PDF document.
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System features

Low latency (reduced network latency)

  • The high speed network between the Access Points and the sites is a 10Gbps optical fiber ring network which employs Wavelength Division Multiplex (WDM) technology.
  • Achieves a network of low latency (via Access Point: about 68 microseconds one-way (*1), via Co-Location Area: about 4.4 microseconds one-way (*2))

Reliability (secure 99.999% availability)

  • A robust optional fiber ring is constructed network with totally separate backup routes (in preparation for large-scale earthquakes and such wide-area disasters)
  • Dispersed housing of user lines for connection (3 Access Points)

Scalability (secure scalability to ensure sufficient capacity)

  • Sufficient bandwidth is secured in the optical fiber ring network in preparation for future expansion

Connectivity (flexible user connectivity)

  • Flexible choice of lines provided by 6 carriers, multiple line services (VPN, dedicated ethernet lines), and bandwidths (512Kbps - 10Gbps) available to securities companies, etc.

arrownet features

Provision of Super Broadband Line Service (Ensure 10Gbps Capacity)

  • Properly respond to order concentration due to sharp market moves and increased market information with super broadband lines.

Provision of Consolidated Lines (Allow Multiple Services over a Single Line)

  • By using network virtualization technology , Users will be able to take advantage of a more efficient network with consolidation of order-placement lines (unicast) and market information lines (multicast) and consolidation of live and test lines via the broadband-line service.

Communications platform (Can be connected to systems of other institutions)

  • We are working to contribute to improve the convenience of the connection so that arrownet can be used by other institutions.

Improved convenience for global access

  • In order to improve convenience of access from overseas, we have been promoting connectivity with global network service venders.
    Please refer to the pages of "arrownet-Global" and "JPX Ecosystem" for further information.

    「JPX Ecosystem」
  • Value achieved in actual environment of arrownet (one-way from Access Point 3 to trading systems in the Primary Site)
  • Value achieved in actual environment (one-way from Co-Location Area in the Primary Site to trading systems)