Derivatives Trading Services


Osaka Exchange (OSE) has chosen the name “J-GATE” for its derivatives trading system, the symbol of OSE’s derivatives market, to reach out and to be favored by a wide range of local and overseas investors.

J-GATE logo

“GATE” stands for Global Access Trading Engine, to express the global image of the system – the entrance to Japan from abroad and vice versa. The word “GATE” also shows the robustness of the system.
For the logo, two curve lines creating the “G” beautifully express our sense of speed in change.

Features of J-GATE

1. The World’s Highest Level of Performance

Adoption of Genium INET Trading by NASDAQ

Improved further from our current system, a lower order processing latency and a higher throughput will be at your fingertips. J-GATE’s first-class performance provides a highly convenient market to all of our investors.

  J-GATE Former J-GATE
Order Processing Latency (Average*) 100μs 2ms
Order Processing Throughput (whole) Approx. 100,000 orders / sec 12,000 orders / sec.
  • ・The figures regarding J-GATE described above were measured in the latest test.
  • ・Order Processing Latency: Internal processing time measured from when order was received until registration to order book is completed and its response is sent back.

Responding to the Global Demand of Risk Management

We have implemented TradeGuard*, a Pre-trade Risk Check function which is mandatory to all trading participants, to further strengthen the reliability of the market.

  • TradeGuard is a function which risk-checks the orders entered by trading participants before they are accepted by the Exchange. If the check result exceeds the defined threshold, the order will be automatically stopped.

2. Improvement of Accessibility

Connection Interfaces

OSE provides API* to make it easy for our users to connect to Genium INET Trading, the Exchange’s system.

  • API (Application Programming Interface) is to facilitate a construction of systems by OSE's providing the same procedure for the connection to the exchange’s system.

Enrichment of Market Information

For Market Information provided to our investors, we now support ITCH protocol, the global standard protocol for Multicast Market Information distribution.

Co-location Service

OSE provides the following Co-location service.

Type Outline
JPX Co-location (all) Service JPX Co-Location Service (all) allows market participants to connect all of JPX trading systems and the Market Information System (arrowhead, J-GATE, ToSTNeT, and Market Information System).
  • ・For details, please refer to Connectivity Services
Connectivity Services