Derivatives Trading Services


OSE and TOCOM, has chosen the name "J-GATE" for its derivatives trading system, as the symbol of derivatives trading market, to be utilized and favored by wide range of local and overseas investors globally.

J-GATE logo

"GATE" is an acronym of "Global Access Trading Engine", which represents the meaning of an entrance from overseas to Japan, and from Japan to overseas. "GATE" also represents its solidity of the trading system.

Features of J-GATE

1.The World’s Highest Level of Performance

Adoption of Genium INET Trading by NASDAQ

As a worldwide well-known being adopted system, Genium INET Trading by NASDAQ is continuously adopted toward the system replace in 2021.

Order Processing Latency(50%tile*) 40μs
Order Processing Throughput (whole) Approx. 100,000 orders / sec
  • ・The figures regarding J-GATE described above were measured in the latest test.
  • ・Order Processing Latency: Internal processing time measured from when order was received until registration to order book is completed and its response is sent back.

Responding to the Global Demand of Risk Management

We have implemented TradeGuard*, a Pre-trade Risk Check function which is mandatory to all trading participants, to further strengthen the reliability of the market.

  • TradeGuard, is the Pre-trade Risk Check function, which helps actualized higher reliability market.

2. J-GATE Connectivity Methods

Trading related connectivity method

There are 2 connectivity methods for Trading Participants to connect to J-GATE in order to perform trading, one is by using API*2 and the other is by using OUCH*3

  • API (Application Programming Interface) is J-GATE connectivity common processing system, which is offered by application as a standard connectivity method. It is possible to recieve market data, place, alter and cancel the orders by using API.
  • OUCH is the established transmitting specifications protocol, which is the connectivity method that specialized in placing, altering and cancelling the orders.

Market data related connectivity method

There are 2 methods for receiving Market data, one is by using API and other is by using ITCH*4, which is a global standard transmission method of multicast market data receiver protocol.

  • ITCH is the established transmitting specifications protocol, which is the transmission method that specialized in receiving Market data and require combined use of API as a premise.