JPX Prime 150 Index Futures

About JPX Prime 150 Index Futures

This is a stock index futures based on JPX Prime 150 Index.

JPX Prime 150 Index

JPX Prime 150 Index is composed of leading Japanese companies that are estimated to create value and calculated by JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc.
150 companies are selected based on two measures of value creation: “return on capital” which is based on financial results, and “market valuation” which is based on future information and non-financial information from among the top-ranked companies listed on TSE Prime Market by market capitalization.

JPX Prime 150 Index

Contract Months

Five contracts in the March quarterly cycle are available for trading.

Contract Unit

One contract unit is the amount obtained by multiplying JPY 1,000 by the value of the JPX Prime 150 Index.

Market Maker Program

From the viewpoint of ensuring the smooth trading opportunity, Market Maker Program is applied to JPX Prime 150 Index Futures. For details, please refer to the following page.

Market Maker Program


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