Listed Company Award

Listed Company Award Outline

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) is working to revise the listing rules and promote better business practices. As part of these efforts, TSE created the Listed Company Award System, with the aim of encouraging proactive measures on the part of listed companies.
TSE has given out Corporate Value Improvement Awards since FY2012. This award is given to listed companies of high corporate value and had implemented management deemed to improve corporate value through initiatives that consider capital cost and other investor concerns.

Corporate Value Improvement Award Overview

Purpose To spread and promote management aimed at improving corporate value deemed desirable by TSE in its position as a market operator
Eligibility Listed companies with high corporate value and management practices deemed to contribute to the appeal of the TSE market, such as by improving corporate value through initiatives which consider capital cost and other investor concerns
Selection All domestic listed companies are eligible for selection
Awards 1 company will be awarded the Grand Prix.
Finalists are announced before reaching the final decision for the Grand Prix. Out of finalists, companies with high corporate value and management practices will be awarded Excellence Awards.
Period Once a year

Selection Method

Selection will be performed by experts forming the Listed Company Award Committee.

Chairman Kunio Ito (Specially Appointed Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of Business Administration)

Member  Atsuto Sawakami (Chairman and Founder, Sawakami Asset Management, Inc.)

Member  Scott Callon (Chief Executive Officer and Partner, Ichigo Asset Management, Ltd.)


Japan Investor Relations Association, The Securities Analysts Association of Japan, Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Investment Advisers Association, Japan Venture Capital Association, Nikkei, Inc.



Listed Company Award Office(Listing Department, Tokyo Stock Exchange)