Listed Company-related Data


Corporate action information service provides corporate action information of all listed companies in Japan.

Wide Coverage The data covers all listed companies on TSE and other regional exchange markets for their equity related corporate actions.
Accuracy/ Reliability The data is based on the corporate announcements of listed companies directly submitted to TSE, so the data is accurate and reliable.
Timely Data Provision In web service, the data are provided immediately after the company's timely disclosure in principle.
Standard The data can be provided in ISO20022 format. By obtaining standardized data from the source, users can facilitate STP processing even further.

Main User Types

Custody Bank, Broker-Dealer, Trust Bank, Asset Management, Hedge Fund, Information Vendors

Delivery Channel

Service Types Overview File Specification
Website Service Downloading data in CSV format from Reference Information Website (Japanese/English). icon-pdf
Data Feed Service Pulling data from our information distribution system via internet FTP and SFTP. ISO20022 format is also available. icon-pdf

Outlines of Web Service

Menu Name Overview
New Info. Latest update files can be downloaded at once in a CSV file.
Advanced Search Data can be searched by a specified period (announcement date, record date, and effective date) across all event types and by issue.

Data Contents

  • Cash Dividend
  • Public Offer/Rights Issue
  • Stock Split
  • Merger/Equity Swap/Equity Transfer
  • Reverse Stock Split
  • Tender Offer
  • General Shareholders Meeting
  • Acquisition of Class Shares subject to Wholly Call
  • Other Events
  • Change in Securities Master