Real Time Market Data

The fee for real time market data varies depending on data kind and usage of the data.
Please see the Policies Regarding Usage of Market Information.

Policies Regarding Usage of Market Information(Effective on April 1, 2017) icon-pdf

Promotional Rates for Cash Equity Market Information Fees


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. will offer a special program to entities that do not currently distribute TSE real-time market information, including financial instruments business operators and Fintech companies that are looking to adopt new business models for provision of investment-related information to encourage them to consider distributing TSE real-time market information.
The program will provide promotional rates for some real-time market information categories (Last Sales Prices information, and Not using pre-opening nor depth (best bid/offer during the auction trading session) information) for a limited period.

Promotional Rates for Cash Equity Market Information Fees icon-pdf

In case of acquiring the market data directly from MAINS system, the fees for physical cable lines and data receiving device will be separately charged.

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