Real Time Market Data


In order to display the TSE stock prices on the website, it is required to pay the prescribed fee, but in case of a TSE’s listed company receiving its own stock price from market information providers and displaying its own stock price on its own website for IR purpose, the following discounted fees will apply.


Applicant Company Monthly fee (excluding tax)
Displaying only its own stock price or the stock price of a group company* 30,000 yen
  • The term "group company" denotes a company described as a parent company or consolidated subsidiary in the applicant's most recent Securities Report.
  • ・The above amount is paid directly to TSE, and payment to the market information provider will be made separately.

Application procedure

Please contact TSE Information Services for necessary application procedure.
Also, please contact market information providers directly for acquisition of its own stock price, as TSE does not provide the stock price data directly.
(Please note that TSE does not provide intermediation services for market information providers.)

Market Information Provider


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., Information Services