Special Quotations

Special Quotations (Index Futures・Options)

February 2018 Contracts
Nikkei 225 21,190.11 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 1st week 23,338.66 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 3rd week 21,577.05 yen
Nikkei 225 Weekly Options 4th week 21,787.29 yen
TOPIX 1,711.45 points
JPX-Nikkei 400 15,168.49 points
Nikkei 225 VI 24.94 points
India Nifty 50 10,382.70 points
TAIEX 10,705 points

Special Quotations (Dividend Index Futures)

No corresponding information

  • ・The SQ is updated the day following the last trading day (LTD) of each product(Please refer to Last Trading Day for the LTD).
  • ・Update time of SQ for each product is as follows.

    Updated after 15:15 (Nikkei 225, Nikkei 225 VI, DJIA, India Nifty 50, FTSE China 50 Index, Nikkei 225 Dividend, TOPIX Dividend, TOPIX Core30 Dividend)
    Updated after 15:25 (TOPIX, JPX-Nikkei 400, TSE Mothers Index, TOPIX Core30, TOPIX Banks Index, TSE REIT Index)
    Updated after 15:50 (RN Prime Index, TAIEX)

    (In addition, the update time for March, June, September, December, may be later than other contracts.)

Historical Data

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