News Release

Dec. 21, 2018 TSEOSEJSCC Additional Non-business Days in Connection with New Emperor's Accession to the Throne and Enthronement Ceremony


The government of Japan has promulgated and enforced a decree that designates the day of the new Emperor's Accession to the Throne and the day of the Enthronement Ceremony as national holidays (Act No. 99 of 2018). Accordingly, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., Osaka Exchange, Inc., and Japan Securities Clearing Corporation have also determined that the following four dates in 2019 shall be non-business days in accordance with their respective business rules and regulations.

Tuesday, April 30
Wednesday, May 1
Thursday, May 2
Tuesday, October 22

Market Holidays


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Equities Department

Osaka Exchange, Inc. Market Planning Department