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Oct. 24, 2018 OSE New Memorial Monument Unveiled at the Site of Dojima Rice Exchange


Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) today held the unveiling ceremony for a new memorial monument, "A GRAIN OF LIGHT", at the historical site of Dojima Rice Exchange.
Achieved with the cooperation of various entities, the construction of the new memorial monument and renewal of the site of Dojima Rice Exchange are aimed at commemorating the 30th anniversary of the launch of the equity index futures market in Japan, and drawing attention to its history as the forerunner to organized futures exchanges in the world.

Overview of monument and site:
- Memorial Monument: "A GRAIN OF LIGHT" Designed by Mr. Tadao Ando, Architect
- The site of Dojima Rice Exchange is preserved by OSE, Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc., Japan Securities Dealers Association, Daido Life Insurance Company, and Daibiru Corporation. The construction of the memorial monument was commissioned to Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
- Special acknowledgements are made to Professor Emeritus Matao Miyamoto, Ph.D. (Osaka University), Associate Professor Yasuo Takatsuki, Ph.D. (Kobe University), and Professor Shinya Hashizume, Ph.D. (Osaka Prefecture University) for their contributions to the project.

* In connection with the renewal of the physical site, a new page on Dojima Rice Exchange was launched in 13 languages.


Comment from Mr. Hiromi Yamaji, President and CEO of Osaka Exchange, Inc.:

I am delighted to be here today for the unveiling of the new memorial monument at the site of Dojima Rice Exchange. Osaka Exchange (Japan Exchange Group) is deeply grateful for the broad support and cooperation for our suggestion to construct this monument to mark the 30th anniversary of equity index futures on Nikkei 225 and TOPIX in Japan.
Dojima Rice Exchange was a groundbreaking creation of the Edo period, an innovation on par with highly sophisticated modern futures markets. It is said to be the origin of securities exchanges in Japan and widely known as the forerunner to organized futures exchanges in the world. We hope this monument will serve as a symbol of respect and gratitude to those pioneering minds in and around the Dojima area. On this occasion, I reaffirm our commitment to contribute to society by further developing futures markets.


New memorial monument, "A GRAIN OF LIGHT"

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