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Mar. 28, 2019 JPXOSE OSE to Perform Proof of Concept Testing for Derivatives Trading Information


As recent years have seen the diversification of data and the growth of alternative data, Osaka Exchange, Inc. performs proof of concept (the PoC), in cooperation with a range of parties concerned, regarding the feasibility of using new data and service that are expected to contribute to the development of securities markets.

The PoC provides samples of various data including non-public data (Order/Trade Data, System Stats Data) of the derivatives system (J-GATE). The PoC objective is to verify the feasibility of leveraging the data with the help of feedback from the PoC participants. Furthermore, it aims not only to resolve technical challenges regarding new contents but also to create new business, streamline business operations and cut costs.


Data to be Provided

The PoC provides "Order/Trade Data" and "System Stats Data" on a daily basis.

  Data Overview
Order/Trade Data J-GATE orders and trades event by event.
The data includes orders executed immediately without going to orderbook (FOK, FAK etc.) which are unavailable on API or ITCH.
Information of participants and user IDs is not included.
System Stats Data CPU, memory and NIC on J-GATE Matching Engine server and ITCH server.
All the data is currently non-public.

PoC Environment

Order/Trade Data and System Stats Data of J-GATE production are uploaded periodically to the PoC environment and can be downloaded by the PoC participants through the Internet.

  • ・Companies eligible to apply for the PoC are OSE trading participants, any persons registered as OSE Market Maker and any persons approved by OSE to be appropriate.
    For applications and other inquiries, please contact:


Osaka Exchange Information Service Desk, IT Development (Derivatives System)