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Apr. 23, 2019 TSE astamuse and Tokyo Stock Exchange Begin Recruiting Applicants for PoC Program on Limited Public provision of Indicators for "Intangible Assets" (Intellectual Property/Technology, Human Resources, Networks, etc.) held by listed companies and Fund inflow Data.



astamuse company, ltd. (President and CEO Ayumu Nagai) and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. ("TSE", President and CEO Koichiro Miyahara) are launching a Proof of Concept (PoC) under the framework of TSE's "Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities Data"*, to verify possible uses of indicators for "Intangible Assets" (Intellectual Property/Technology, Human Resources, Networks, etc.) Held by Listed Companies and fund inflow data created by astamuse. Today, we are beginning to recruit participants for the program, and we plan to finish testing by around the end of July 2019. We aim not only to resolve technical issues related to the data contents, but also to examine its possibilities for contributing to the creation of new investment opportunities and businesses, improving the sophistication of business operations and reducing costs.

See press release "Launch of a Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities Data" (April 23, 2019)

The social background of intangible assets

As every industry is becoming more and more sophisticated and mature, it is said that we are in the age of VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. In addition, with the development of IoT and AI accompanied by the commercialization of big data applications, companies are expanding exploring further innovation as a source of their competitiveness. Investment in innovation is increasing year by year, and the speed at which it is created is also accelerating.
As a result, companies' competitiveness is increasingly off-balance sheet, with companies accelerating the elaboration of intellectual property and technology, investment in hiring AI and advanced technology specialists, and shifting open innovation activities (e.g. alliances, M & A). According to data from other countries, it is said that more than 80% of corporate value is comprised of intangible assets (intellectual property/technology, human resources, networks, etc.). Japan may not be an exception.

Summary of provided content

astamuse and TSE are launching a limited public PoC of the following content to verify the effectiveness of indicators and data that evaluate intangible assets in the securities markets. After testing and improvement through this PoC, we aim to launch as a full-fledged commercial service this summer.

Data/indicator provided Outline of content
Intellectual property/technology Comprehensive Innovation Indicator
[by company]
Indicators based on financial information (sales, profits, R&D expenses, etc.) and patents/technology information
Patent potential score
[by company]
A score that calculates the potential of a firm's patents/technologies
Human resources Innovative Employee Clustering Indicator
[by company]
An indicator which calculates the impact and significance of patents and technologies at the individual employee level, and evaluates the degree of innovative employee clustering by company.
Networks Open Innovation Indicator
[by company]
An Indicator based on a company's finances (sales, profits, R&D expenditures, etc.) and a calculation of its level of active involvement in joint initiatives and alliances with universities, startups etc.
Inflow of funds Fund inflow data
[by industry]
Trends and aggregate data of amounts invested in innovative new businesses, products, and research by industry

How to apply for participation in PoC

Interested parties should apply for the PoC Program for the Utilization of Securities Data.
For information on the PoC program for the utilization of securities data, please refer to the following.

Launch of a Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities

Overview of both companies

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

Tokyo Stock Exchange is licensed as a financial instruments exchange under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and operates financial instruments markets.
The market capitalization of companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is the third largest in the world and the largest in Asia, and we have established our position as the central market in Japanese securities.
Tokyo Stock Exchange is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (Code: 8697).

astamuse company, ltd.

astamuse has built the world's biggest database of innovation capital (the sources of innovation), with more than 150 million entries based on intellectual property, patent information in 80 countries, including information on new businesses /business models, new products and services, new technologies / research from around the world. We also defined 176 "growing areas" and 100 "social agenda" to classify and analyze these data. Aiming to shape the future and resolve social issues, we offer consulting service for new business development and M&A, recruiting agency service, and information / human resource providing service through SaaS.

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