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Jun. 03, 2019 JPXTSE Publication of Japanese Translation of "Model Guidance for Companies on Reporting on ESG Information"


In recent years, both companies and investors have increasingly recognized that, when assessing corporate sustainability and mid- to long-term corporate value, it is important to address sustainability issues including ESG (environmental, social and governance) matters.

As such, our corporate group is promoting sustainability initiatives. For example, we joined the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative ("SSE initiative") in December 2017 and established the Sustainability Committee (Chair: Group CEO Akira Kiyota) in July 2018.

Under these circumstances, as a reference for listed companies to consider ESG disclosure, we have created a Japanese translation of Model Guidance for Companies on Reporting on ESG Information" prepared by the SSE initiative as attached.

For your reference, Japan's Corporate Governance Code stipulates that listed companies should consider taking positive and proactive measures to address sustainability issues. As dialogues regarding ESG are progressing, when the Code was revised in June 2018, it has been clarified that ESG matters will be included in "non-financial information".

We hope that this guidance will be of help to listed companies in considering ESG disclosure.

"Model Guidance on Reporting ESG Information to Investors" - Japanese Translation icon-pdf


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