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Aug. 01, 2019 TSE Launch of Data Sandbox Program to Support Start-up Companies in Creating New Services for the Securities Sector and Recruitment of Partners


Launch of Data Sandbox Program to Support Start-up Companies in Creating New Services for the Securities Sector

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) announces that it will launch a data sandbox program* (hereinafter "the Program") to serve as a new framework for supporting, on a cross-industry basis, the creation of new services by start-up companies for the securities sector. TSE is now looking for partners to help support start-up companies as part of the Program**.

In order to encourage domestic and overseas financial institutions, fintechs and other companies to consider distributing TSE real-time market information, in recent years TSE has been offering first-time user companies time-limited promotional rates for some real-time market information categories.

However, TSE believes that in order to further facilitate the creation of new services by start-up companies, it is imperative that they are supported not only by the group companies of Japan Exchange Group, Inc., but also data owners such as information vendors and financial institutions, and companies and organizations that support start-up companies. That is the thinking behind the new sandbox program.

The first partners in the Program are QUICK Corp. and FINOLAB, Inc., both of which have expressed their support for the purpose of the Program. QUICK Corp. will participate as a data partner to provide start-up companies with the data it owns. FINOLAB, Inc. will participate as an innovation partner to provide suggestions and advice regarding the use of the Program to start-up companies that are members of FINOLAB, Inc.

TSE is looking to recruit companies and organizations that wish to participate in this Program as partners and, in cooperation with said partners, will proceed in supporting start-up companies in creating new services for the securities sector.

* Under the data sandbox program, if a start-up company supported by an innovation partner uses paid data owned by TSE and a data partner for the purpose of creating new services, said company can use the data free of charge or at discount rates for a certain period of time. By reducing obstacles for start-up companies to use data in the phase of creating new services, this Program will support, among others, research & development and generation of prototypes for service creation. Note that, as data is limited to internal use, if a start-up company wishes to provide a third party with data, etc. that it has obtained via use of this Program, said start-up will be required to conclude a separate agreement with TSE and/or the data partner.

** The chart below shows the roles and positions of TSE, partners, and start-up companies within the Program.

Partner Role
Innovation partner An industry group or incubation group at university, etc. that supports start-up companies.
Introduces this Program to start-up companies, gives advice on data utilization, and encourages start-up companies to observe data usage conditions.
Start-up company A participant in an initiative implemented by the innovation partner, etc. (e.g., a tenant of a shared office, a participant in an innovation support program, and a participant in an ideathon, hackathon, or business competition)
Applies to TSE for data use and, if a new service utilizing this Program is developed, reports an overview of said new service to TSE.
Data partner A company, etc. that own securities data, such as an information vendor and financial institution.
Provides data based on its own terms when receiving an application for use from a start-up company that is a member of the innovation partner.
TSE The operator of this Program.
Recruits partners to participate in this Program.
Provides data based on TSE’s own terms when receiving an application from a start-up company that is a member of the innovation partner.

Call for New Partners

TSE is currently recruiting data partners and innovation partners. For more details and to become a partner, please contact TSE as below.


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Service Development Group, Information Services Dept.
TEL:+81-(0)3-3666-0141 (Switchboard)