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Jul. 03, 2020 JPXTSE TSE to launch arrowhead System Stats Service


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) will launch a new paid service ("the Service") as part of the Alternative Data Service, starting August 3, 2020, to provide various data regarding the cash equity trading system (arrowhead) which is not currently available ("System Stats").

Data to be provided

The following arrowhead-related System Stats will be provided by the Service as "Alternative Data".

Data Overview
arrowhead System Stats Data relating to arrowhead server usage rates and order numbers (including Symbol Allocation Information, CPU Usage Rate, and Number of Orders per Millisecond)
  • ・arrowhead System Stats contain no information that identifies the user who placed the order.

Customers can choose the Regular Service and/or Spot Data Service as shown below according to their Alternative Data usage preferences.

Service Name Overview
Regular Service Provides regularly updated data
Spot Data Service Allows viewing of historical data of a period specified by the customer
  • ・For the Regular Service, data is uploaded three times a day (8:50am, 11:55am, and 7:00pm JST). Data is for the same business day. (For more details, please refer to the service guide.)
  • ・For the Regular Service, data uploaded into the bucket is deleted after about two weeks. Customers who need the data after deletion can access it by applying for the Spot Data Service and specifying the relevant dates.
  • ・The Spot Data Service provides data in sets of five business days' data or more. Data will be provided after the fee has been paid, so please allow some lead time. System Stats relating to dates from June 1, 2020 are available.

Data provision environment

TSE uploads arrowhead System Stats into buckets on the public cloud provided by Amazon Web Services. Customers are then provided with an Access Key ID, etc. which can be used to download the data they wish to use from said buckets through the Internet.

Fees and how to apply

Please see the "Alternative Data Service Guide" for more information on the Service.


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