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Nov. 25, 2020 OSE OSE and TFEX Signed Agreement to Provide OSE Delivery Price for Launching New Rubber Futures to be Listed on TFEX


Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) and Thailand Futures Exchange Pcl (TFEX) announced today that the two exchanges signed an Agreement related to the launch of new rubber futures contracts at TFEX.

Based on the Agreement, TFEX will be listing on November 30, 2020, Japanese Rubber Futures or cash-settled rubber futures (RSS3) contracts, which will use the OSE RSS3 Futures contract delivery price as the final settlement price.

OSE RSS3 Futures contracts* were launched in 1952 at Tokyo Rubber Exchange, the predecessor organization of Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and has since been widely used across the globe by rubber industry participants and investors. Its price has been recognized as one of the international benchmark prices for natural rubber.

Both exchanges believe that this Agreement and the planned listing of Japanese Rubber Futures on TFEX is a symbol of the long-term relationship between Thailand and Japan and will expand the development of the natural rubber markets. The exchanges also expect that the listing of Japanese Rubber Futures on TFEX will contribute to further development of rubber futures markets through their offering of new investment opportunities to Thai investors as well as global investors.

  • RSS3 Futures were transferred from TOCOM to OSE on July 27, 2020, following the business integration between Japan Exchange Group (JPX) and TOCOM.

About OSE

Osaka Exchange (OSE) is a licensed financial instruments exchange which is engaged in the provision of market facilities for trading of financial and commodity derivatives and other matters related to the operation of exchange financial instruments markets.
As a part of the Comprehensive Exchange, the OSE derivatives markets allow investors to trade financial derivatives products, such as those based on stock price indices, and commodity derivatives products including those based on precious metals, rubber and agricultural all on one platform.

About TFEX

Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX), a subsidiary of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), was established on May 17, 2004 as a derivatives exchange. TFEX is governed by the Derivatives Act B.E. 2546 (2003) and is under the supervision of the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (Thai SEC). TFEX provides a wide range of derivatives products covering most asset class including equity index, individual equity, currency, precious metals as well as agriculture product.


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