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Nov. 07, 2022 JPX Japan Exchange Group and JETRO Agree Collaboration


-- For Information Provision and Promotion of International Collaboration and Investment into Japan --

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) have today signed a memorandum of understanding to work together in supporting activities related to information provision and the promotion of international collaboration and investment into Japan.

Based on its Medium-Term Management Plan 2024, JPX is developing various initiatives to contribute to improving the attractiveness of the Japanese financial and capital markets as a global competitor, in particular facilitation of the cycle of corporate innovation/growth and asset formation. JETRO, meanwhile, is focusing on the promotion of international open innovation through, for example, the launch of the Japan Innovation Bridge (J-Bridge), which supports collaboration between domestic and overseas companies, in addition to activities such as the promotion of foreign direct investment into Japan and support for overseas expansion by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Henceforth, JPX and JETRO will work together to contribute to improving corporate value through support for cross-border collaboration between domestic and overseas companies, and to support foreign companies' investments in Japan and fundraising for business expansion into Japan.


【Main initiatives】

  1. Information on foreign companies found by JETRO and information on JETRO's services will be distributed to listed companies on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) through JPX Group networks, leading to business matchmaking between domestic and overseas companies.
  2. Policies and initiatives being implemented at the financial and capital markets operated by JPX Group and demand from listed companies for international collaboration will be distributed to domestic and overseas companies through JETRO's offices, leading to business matchmaking between domestic and overseas companies and fundraising through listing on TSE.
  3. JPX Group and JETRO will collaborate on the holding of events hosted by either organization for the following purposes:
    (a) Supporting collaboration and alliances between Japanese and overseas companies (e.g., seminars for providing information to
         listed companies, presentations aimed at business matchmaking);
    (b) Supporting business expansion into Japan for foreign companies (e.g., seminars on investment into Japan); and
    (c) Supporting fundraising for foreign companies (e.g., roadshows in JPX Group company venues, presentations for Japanese
         venture capital investors, corporate venture capital investors and financial institutions).

JPX Group CEO Kiyota Akira stated, "I am delighted that we have agreed with JETRO to collaborate on information provision, international collaboration, and promotion of investment into Japan. We hope that this agreement will contribute to further development of the Japanese economy by encouraging companies supported by JETRO and others to actively use the markets operated by JPX Group and facilitating cross-border innovation by listed companies."

JETRO Chairman Sasaki Nobuhiko stated, "The Japanese government is currently focusing on capturing foreign demand and attracting investment into Japan by easing border controls and implementing comprehensive economic measures that take advantage of the weaker yen. Now is the time to more vigorously communicate to the world the attractiveness of the Japanese market, the technologies of Japanese companies, and the needs for collaboration. I am honored to work with JPX, the leader in Japanese financial and capital markets, on such initiatives."

As the first activity based on this MOU between JPX and JETRO, an international economic forum titled the "Japan-Southeast Asia Market Forum" will be held in Singapore on November 15, 2022, jointly hosted by the two parties. The forum will provide foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and others with an opportunity to learn about the current situation in Japan as well as to exchange views on the fields where innovation is growing in Southeast Asia and medium- to long-term market trends, and to deepen discussions on the possibility of further collaboration between Japan and Southeast Asia.

Following the co-hosted event, JPX and JETRO will continue to provide opportunities for business matchmaking between listed companies and overseas start-ups and market introductions, contributing to the promotion of innovation in Japanese industry and, therefore, to enhancing the international competitiveness of the Japanese financial and capital markets.



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