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Jul. 19, 2022 JPXJPXI JPX and JPXI Launch ESG Bond Information Platform


Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) and JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI) have today launched the ESG Bond Information Platform.

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The Sustainable Finance Platform Development Working Group, set up by JPX in October 2021, discussed practical issues around the creation of an "information platform" for ESG bonds. With "green" investment growing fast during the net zero transition, the Working Group pointed out the importance of enabling access to information which is useful for the operations of both issuing organizations and investors.

We hope that by bringing information (security information, issuer information (including strategy), use of proceeds/impact, external reviews, etc.) which was previously scattered across the websites of individual issuers, review providers, securities companies, and others together onto one platform, we can improve convenience for market players and visibility of the products, thereby contributing to the development of the sustainable finance market.

To enable timely and comprehensive information collection, this platform is being launched with the cooperation of seven (as of release date) securities companies which act as lead underwriters for bond issuance.

JPX Group will continue to proactively work on sustainability initiatives and will reflect the comments of those involved in the market while considering further expansions of functionality or other improvements on an ongoing basis.


Japan Exchange Group, Inc. Sustainability Department

JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. Frontier Strategy Department


ESG Bond Information Platform overview (JPX website):

ESG Bond Information Platform

ESG Bond Information Platform home page:

Page showing details for each bond:

Platform contents (as of release date)

  • Products included: Domestic publicly offered ESG bonds (green bonds, social bonds, sustainability bonds, sustainability linked bonds, transition bonds, transition linked bonds)
    Note: Private placements and bonds issued outside of Japan may also be included on a voluntary basis.
  • Inclusion period: Until each bond's maturity date, for bonds whose pricing date is 2016 or later
    Note: Information on ESG bonds whose pricing date was between 2016 and March 2022 has been transferred by JPXI from the Japan Securities Dealers Association's list of SDG bonds (see link below), so some of the fields are blank.
  • Data points: ISIN, pricing date, issuer, framework*, reporting*, TSE sector, name of bond, prospectus*, issuance amount, currency unit, interest rate, settlement date, maturity date, term, lead managers, offering format, credit rating provider, credit rating, ESG label, guidelines used for review, external reviewer, external review*, other
    (*: link to issuer website)
JSDA list of ESG bonds (Japanese)icon-block

Operation partners (as of release date)

Goldman Sachs Japan
Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd
Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.



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2. Information on the above website is provided by our ESG Bond Information Platform operation partners (securities companies, etc.), and JPX Group cannot guarantee that the information is comprehensive, complete, or accurate. Additionally, it may include information for which the copyright is held by third parties other than JPX Group. Usage of the information on the above website and any action taken as a result of this usage (including usage of edited or otherwise processed information) is at the responsibility of the user, and JPX Group and its platform operation partners shall take no responsibility or liability for said usage or action.
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