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Nov. 13, 2023 JPXI JPX ESG Link (formerly "JPX Listed Company ESG Information WEB") Has Been Officially Launched


JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI) established the "JPX Listed Companies ESG Information Web" (beta version) in collaboration with DATAZORA, Inc. (CEO: Aram Zinzalian), a company which collects and disseminates a wide range of listed company IR information and other information. We are pleased to announce that we have confirmed that the system is being utilized by listed companies, investors, and others, and that we have officially launched the system today.

For the official launch, the name of the service was changed to "JPX ESG Link," as the website acts as a bridge linking listed companies and investors by providing ESG information.

In addition, based on feedback received from users during the beta release period, we have made improvements to some screen specifications and added the "Governance" category to the search criteria*1.

The Website provides a list of links to ESG-related information disclosed by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) listed companies on their websites, including ESG-related news as well as reports containing ESG information, such as integrated reports, CSR reports, environmental reports, and sustainability reports (hereinafter "reports containing ESG information"). Since the links are collected by DATAZORA, JPXI hopes that this will allow listed companies to communicate their ESG-related information to a wider range of investors and shareholders without increasing their IR workload. At the same time, it hopes that this will make each company's website more accessible to investors and shareholders and lessen the burden of information gathering for them*2.

  • Filtering by "Governance" makes it possible to narrow down a search to the corporate governance reports, corporate governance-related pages, and other corporate governance-related news from the information posted on the news list of each company's website.
  • For users who require more advanced functions, DATAZORA offers paid services (only available in Japanese).
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Please see the link below for Instructions and Terms of Use.

Instructions and Terms of Use (only available in Japanese)icon-block

Overview of JPX ESG Link (only available in Japanese)

  • The Website is a portal that collects links to ESG-related news and reports containing ESG information disclosed by TSE-listed companies on their websites and enables users to search and browse this information in a single place free of charge.
  • The Website displays ESG-related news and reports containing ESG information disclosed on each company's website in the past 90 days (The search results page displays a maximum of 200 items. If the search results exceed this, please narrow your search.).
  • The Website collects ESG-related news from the news list on each company's website. It also collects reports containing ESG information from the web pages where the listed companies have disclosed them.
  • The information collected includes the URL, the date of disclosure, and the headline (title).

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  • The Website is intended to provide information and not to be construed as a solicitation for trading.
  • The information posted on the Website has been provided by DATAZORA, which does not guarantee the comprehensiveness, completeness, or accuracy, etc. of the information it provides. The posted information may also include content whose copyrights belong to parties other than JPX Group. Users may use the posted information at their own risk. JPX Group and DATAZORA shall bear no responsibility or liability for the use of the posted information in any form (original or modified) or any actions resulting from its use.
  • The provision of information on the Website may be temporarily suspended due to system failure, system maintenance, or other reasons.
  • The data on the Website is provided for personal use only. Any commercial use is prohibited.

Reference: Overview of Paid Services Provided by DATAZORA

DATAZORA offers four paid services including API services where users can automatically obtain information equivalent to that posted on the JPX ESG Link or a wider range of information such as other IR information. For more information on these, please refer to "Product Overview" provided by DATAZORA.

Product Overview (DATAZORA)


  • KIJI API is an API that outputs links to and disclosure dates and headlines (titles) of a wide range of documents disclosed on websites of TSE-listed companies (including documents not disclosed via EDINET and TDnet).
    (Some reports containing ESG information are included, but inclusion is limited compared to the "ESG REPORT API" which specializes in reports containing ESG information.)
  • The service covers all TSE-listed companies and provides approximately 50,000 items per month.
  • Data from December 31, 2021 are available.


  • This service provides only the ESG-related information covered by KIJI API.


  • This API outputs links to reports containing ESG information obtained from the websites of TSE-listed companies, by fiscal year.
  • It covers covers about 1,000 TSE listed companies that have published reports that include ESG information, with data available for 2019 and beyond.


  • This service provides non-financial data extracted from reports (PDF) published by TSE-listed companies that contain ESG information such as integrated reports, sustainability reports, environmental reports, and CSR reports and from sustainability-related webpages (HTML) on listed company websites, in CSV files, API (JSON), and web pages.
  • Uses can use the file for their own calculation of ESG scores or analysis on ESG data.
  • It covers covers about 1,000 TSE listed companies that have published reports that include ESG information, with data available for 2019 and beyond.

How to apply

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