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Nov. 29, 2023 JPXI JPX Market Innovation & Research signs partnership with Bridgewise to disseminate information on the Japanese market


JPX Market Innovation & Research, Inc. (JPXI) has announced today that JPXI partnered with Bridgewise, a generative AI company for global stock analysis, for the dissemination of information on the Japanese market.

Bridgewise uses proprietary generative AI technology to analyze all stocks world wide, including the one's listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It then analyzes their financial performance based on factors that predict future performance extracted from sources such as financial statements, securities reports, and based on Bridgewise unique AI model. Bridgewise also facilitates comparisons of stocks with their peers and assists investors in conducting investment analysis. Bridgewise analysis can be distributed in all languages, including Japanese.

JPXI will utilize Bridgewise AI technology to deliver more information of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies to investors in Japan than ever before. At the same time, JPXI will help global investors find listed companies that are not covered by analysts, by disseminating information in multiple languages including English. This brings great opportunity to Japanese companies, as they can get more attention from foreign investors, thanks to Bridgewise technology that breaks language obstacles.

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