Listed Issues


Listing Date Index Code Fund Name Management Company Trading Unit Trust Fee
May 15, 2018 MSCI Japan Empowering Women (WIN) Select Index 2518 NEXT FUNDS MSCI Japan Empowering Women Select Index Exchange Traded Fund Nomura Asset Management 1 0.15
Apr. 17, 2018 Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Core Index 2517 MAXIS J-REIT Core ETF Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management 10 0.25
Feb. 01, 2018 Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index 2516 TSE Mothers ETF Simplex Asset Management 10 0.50
  • "Trust Fee" (for Foreign Investment Security and Foreign Investment Corporation Bond, etc., "Management Fee") are subtracted from trust assets as a fee borne by investors for the management of the ETF. Figures in the chart are based on the information provided by management companies at the end of last year, and each "Trust Fee" of issues which have been listed this year is as of the listing date. For details, please contact the management companies directly.