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Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation (as of August 1, 2016) icon-pdf

Business Regulations and Related Rules

Business Regulations (As of April 3, 2017) icon-pdf
Rules on Regulatory Measures Concerning Market Transactions of Derivatives or their Brokerage (As of March 24, 2014) icon-pdf

Trading Participant Regulations and Related Rules

Trading Participant Regulations (As of April 21, 2014) icon-pdf
Enforcement Rules of Regulations for Transaction Participants (As of January 1, 2013) [To be updated] icon-pdf
Trading Participant Agreement (For Remote Trading Participants) (As of March 24, 2014) icon-pdf
Rules Regarding Trading Participant Fees, etc. (As of March 1, 2017) icon-pdf
Regulations Concerning Securities in Lieu of Cash for Guarantee Deposits (As of January 1, 2013) [To be updated] icon-pdf
Rules Concerning Order Management Systems at Trading Participants (As of July 19, 2016) icon-pdf
Rules Concerning Examination on Obtainment of Trading Qualifications (As of May 1, 2015) icon-pdf
Rules Regarding Just and Equitable Principles of Trade (As of December 1, 2014) icon-pdf

Clearing and Settlement Regulations and Related Rules

Clearing and Settlement Regulations (As of September 24, 2015) icon-pdf
Enforcement Rules for Clearing and Settlement Regulations (As of October 30, 2015) icon-pdf

Brokerage Agreement Standards and Related Rules, etc.

Brokerage Agreement Standards (As of September 24, 2015) icon-pdf
The Rate of Delinquency Charges Based on the Agreements (As of March 24, 2014) icon-pdf

Special Regulations and Related Rules

Special Rules for Business Regulations and Brokerage Agreement Standards Relating to the J-NET Market (As of July 19, 2016) icon-pdf
Enforcement Rules of Special Rules for Listing Regulations for Securities, Business Regulations, Regulations regarding Margin and Loan Transactions and Brokerage Agreement Standards, etc. Relating to J-NET Market (As of January 1, 2013) [To be updated] icon-pdf
Rules on Margin and Transfer of Unsettled Contracts Pertaining to Futures/Options Contract (As of July 19, 2016) icon-pdf

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