History of Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc.

Jun. 1949 Over-the-counter approved issues system established.
(Abolished in Jun. 1961.)
Feb. 1963 Over-the-counter registration system established.
Jun. 1976 Japan OTC Securities Co., Ltd. established.
Nov. 1983 New over-the-counter market started.
  • OTC registration system improved.
  • Public stock offerings mitigated.
  • Information disclosure enriched.
Jul. 1986 Approved to include OTC registration issues into investment funds.
Oct. 1987 Issue of convertible bonds of OTC registration issues started.
Oct. 1991 Starting calculation of "JASDAQ INDEX".
Oct. 1992 Central depository system started.
Jul. 1995 Special provision on over-the-counter registration system established. (Frontier issues)
Jan. 1996 Issue of bonds warrant accepted.
(Abolishment of the issue standards.)
Oct. 1997 When-issued transaction and margin trading introduced.
Dec. 1998 Defined as the OTC securities market by "Securities and Exchange Law".
(Equivalent to the securities exchange market.)
Market maker system introduced.
Changed its name to Jasdaq Service, Inc. from Japan OTC Securities Co., Ltd. discontinueing securities business.
Mar. 2000 JASDAQ Market-Maker System launched.
Feb. 2001 Changed its name to Jasdaq Inc. from Jasdaq Service, Inc. as the market operation company of the JASDAQ market.
Apr. 2002 J-Stock issues selected.
Starting calculation of "J-Stock Index".
May 2003 New market-maker system introduced. (Offering the best environment for executing orders.)
Apr. 2004 Standardized margin transactions and Negotiable margin transactions introduced.
IR activities systematized.
Dec. 2004 Changed its name to Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc. from Jasdaq Inc. obtaining securities exchange license.
Nov. 2005 REIT introduced.
Jul. 2006 Committee System adopted.
Mar. 2007 Became a member of AOSEF.
Apr. 2007 Became a member of IOSCO.
Aug. 2007 NEO Market launched.
Oct. 2007 Became a member of WFE.
Mar. 2008 Shifted to auction trading method abolishing market maker system.
Liquidity Provider System introduced.
Dec. 2008 Became a subsidiary of Osaka Securities Exchange, Co., Ltd. through tender offer by OSE.
Sep. 2009 JASDAQ System integrated into OSE System.