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Nov. 26, 2019  Launch of the Japan Stewardship Initiative (JSI)


In the past few years companies across the entire investment chain, including asset owners, asset managers and investee companies, have been called upon to enhance and deepen their stewardship activities. This has been encouraged by recommendations from the Japan Stewardship Code, introduced in 2014, the Corporate Governance Code, introduced in 2015, and later on The Council of Experts Concerning the Follow-up of Japan's Stewardship Code and Japan's Corporate Governance Code and the Council of Experts on the Stewardship Code.

In this context, the Japan Stewardship Initiative (JSI) held its first full meeting on November 26, 2019, and officially announced its launch. The aim of JSI is to encourage free and wide-ranging discussions between asset owners, asset managers and other related parties on practical issues to do with stewardship activities, and through jointly considering the right way to address these issues and sharing best practices, create a place where the outcomes of those discussions can be beneficial to everyone in the industry.

At the time of launch, 40 organizations and individuals make up the JSI membership.
However, JSI is accepting new applications for membership from asset owners, asset managers or related parties at any time. There is no membership fee.

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. and ICJ, Inc. are also taking a role in the JSI as secretariat.

Please see the press release on JSI’s establishment below.

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Japan Stewardship Initiative Secretariat 
Japan Exchange Group, Inc. Corporate Strategy Dept. 
ICJ, Inc. Engagement Solutions Dept. 
TEL:+81 03 4533 0344 (ICJ direct)