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Jan. 08, 2021 TSE Disclosure by Listed Companies to Continue after the Declaration of a State of Emergency


As separately announced, after the Declaration of State of Emergency, the trading at Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) is scheduled to continue. Therefore TSE has informed listed companies, as below, that the timely disclosure will continue to be required after the Declaration of State of Emergency.

The government of Japan has yesterday declared a state of emergency over the Covid-19 outbreak, which is to be effective after January 7th. Despite this, trading on all markets of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is scheduled to continue as normal from January 7th and beyond.
Japan Exchange Group remains committed to stable market operations. We deeply appreciate your continued understanding and support.

TSE understands the first response of listed companies is to ensure the health and safety of executives, employees and other stakeholders, but in such a time as this, in order to avoid distorted price formation based on inaccurate and unclear information in the market and to foster sound and proper investment decisions by investors, TSE asks listed companies to carefully consider and continue timely and appropriate disclosure of important company information.

If challenges arise regarding the closing of the accounts and audit procedures due to the expansion of the COVID-19, proper prevention measures for executives, employees, audit professionals, and others stakeholders are prioritized and the financial results are expected to be disclosed as soon as finalized upon completion of the appropriate procedures.

(Reference) JPX response to spread of novel coronavirus


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