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Jun. 05, 2020 TSE Statistics on Annual General Shareholders Meeting Dates for Companies with Fiscal Years Ended March 2020


Based on "scheduled dates for annual general shareholders meetings" indicated in earnings reports and the timely disclosure related to schedules for annual general shareholders meetings, TSE has compiled results of "Annual General Shareholders Meeting Scheduled Dates" gathered from companies with their fiscal years ended March 2020 (See Note 1), as noted in the attachment.


-Every year, a high concentration of annual general shareholders meetings for companies with fiscal years ending in March tend to take place on the business day immediately before the last business day in June (if it falls on a Monday, then on the Friday a week before). This year, since that business day falls on a Monday, the highest concentration will be on Friday, June 26 and it is expected that 747 companies (32.8%) will schedule their shareholders meetings for that day.

-As a result of placing priority on securing enough time for procedures regarding account settlements and audits due to the spread of Covid-19, in comparison to last year, the highest level of concentration for dates increased by approximately two (2) points, and in the week that has the highest level of concentration of dates, it also increased by approximately nine (9) points.

-With the widespread impact of Covid-19, 20 companies will hold their annual general shareholders meetings in or after July 2020. As well, 31 other companies have announced that their annual general shareholders meetings will be postponed with dates pending.

-In addition, because of their delay in procedures, etc. of account settlements and audits due to the impact of Covid-19 infections, among companies with fiscal years ended in March 2020, 24 companies made timely disclosure about their policy to hold adjourned annual general shareholders meetings. For the same reason, two (2) companies made timely disclosure of their policy that they will not report financial statements at the annual general shareholders meetings and instead will hold an extraordinary general shareholders meeting at a later date.

-Among listed companies with their fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, Scroll Corporation (Code: 8005, Market Division: 1st Section) was the earliest company that held their annual general shareholders meeting on May 29, 2020.

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(Note 1)These compiled results are intended for domestic companies (2,278 in total) listed on TSE 1st Section, 2nd Section, Mothers, and JASDAQ that have announced by May 31, 2020 that they have scheduled a date for their annual general shareholders meeting.

(Note 2).These compiled results are for the purpose of showing statistical distribution of annual general shareholders meeting dates. For individually listed company's annual general shareholders meeting dates, please refer to the basic information page for each listed company via the following link:

Company Information Service

(Note 3)With the cooperation of listed companies with fiscal years ended in March 2020, in addition to "Scheduled Dates for Annual General Shareholders Meetings", examined details about "Scheduled Dates to Dispatch Convocation Notices of Annual General Shareholders Meetings", etc. are available in the link below:

List of Scheduled Dates for Annual General Shareholders Meetings

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