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Oct. 01, 2020 TSE Treatment of Trades for Today at arrowhead


In the previous the Tokyo Stock Exchange's announcement, TSE announced that trading of all
listed symbols has been halted entire today at arrowhead and ToSTNeT. The orders and trades in TSE markets today will be handled as follows.

TSE will announce the schedule of after tomorrow.

TSE sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused to investors and the people related to
stock market.

1. Auction Market
There was no execution today in the auction market.
Some execution information is sent as FLEX market information for some symbols; however, the information is invalid and will not be formal market information.

Please note that the pre-ordered orders, which were sent to arrowhead by the trading halt, will not be took over tomorrow.

2. ToSTNeT Market
The orders sent by 8:56 am JST were executed successfully, and the Execution Completion Notice Messages were distributed.


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