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Jun. 16, 2020 TSE Revisions to the Index Guidebooks for TOPIX, etc.


The Index Guidebooks for total return indices and dividend indices calculated by TSE will be revised as below, based on the announcement "Change in Minor Adjustment Date Related to Ex-dividend for TOPIX, etc." published on March 27, 2020.

Link to announcement:

    1. Key changes
      Change in Minor Adjustment Date Related to Ex-dividend
        TSE stock price Indices overall: TSE Index Guidebook (Market Sector Indices), etc., III. 2. (2) B)
        Dividend indices: Tokyo Stock Exchange Dividend Index Guidebook, 2. (1); 3. c
    * For details, please see the attached table comparing before and after the revisions.

    2. Effective Revision Date
      June 30, 2020
        (Changes will be effective from the first minor adjustment date after the revision date)

Appendix1_table comparing new and old versions(for TOPIX, etc. ) icon-pdf
Appendix2_TSE Index Guidebook(Market Sector Indices) icon-pdf
Appendix3_Tokyo Stock Exchange Dividend Index Guidebook icon-pdf
Appendix4_TSE Index Guidebook(Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index, Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Property Sector Index Series, Tokyo Stock Exchange Infrastructure Funds Index) icon-pdf
Appendix5_Tokyo Stock Exchange Index Guidebook (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Core Index) icon-pdf
Appendix6_Tokyo Stock Exchange Index Guidebook (Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Core Index) icon-pdf
Appendix7_TSE Index Guidebook (TOPIX New Index Series - Size-based TOPIX Sub-Indices) icon-pdf
Appendix8_TSE Index Guidebook (TOPIX Sector Indices・ TOPIX-17 series) icon-pdf
Appendix9_TSE Index Guidebook (TOPIX Style Index Series) icon-pdf
Appendix10_Tokyo Stock Exchange Index Guidebook(Tokyo Stock Exchange Dividend Focus 100 Index) icon-pdf
Appendix11_Tokyo Stock Exchange Index Guidebook (TOPIX High Dividend Yield 40 Index) icon-pdf
Appendix12_TSE Index Guidebook (TOPIX Ex-Financials) icon-pdf
Appendix13_TSE Index Guidebook (Tokyo Stock Exchange Composite Index Series) icon-pdf


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