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Jan. 26, 2022 OSE Execution of the Compression Trades for Nikkei 225 Options


Osaka Exchange (OSE) announced that the compression trades for Nikkei 225 Options (powered by TriOptima AB) * was executed during the Night Session on January 25th (Trading date January 26th) .

In this cycle, total of 4,449 contracts (JPY 120 billion in notional amount) were traded.

While providing the compression service, OSE will strive to ensure safe and efficient market derivatives operations and enhance the accessibility of our services for market participants.

* Compression Trade was introduced in October 2021 as a tool to allow market participants to reduce their risk weight asset exposure and meet the regulatory requirements such as leverage ratio requirements.

For more details of Compression Trade Rules, please refer to the following page.

Compression Trade


Japan Exchange Group, Inc. Corporate Communication (Osaka)