Securities Options


OSE will determine and announce the adjustment method for each case when a company that issues the underlying securities of an Securities Options makes an announcement.
When making an option adjustment, OSE will determine the adjustment method according to the principles described in the "Securities Options Market Measures Taken in Response to Corporate Actions".
However, depending on the situation, OSE may adopt a special adjustment method. Please refer to the announcement relating to the adjustment method for details.

Please refer to PDF for details of the adjustment method.

Corporate action Policy


Notices for the handling of Securities Options

Announcement date Underlying Securities Category Data
Sep. 15, 2021 Sojitz Corporation(2768) reverse stock split PDF
Sep. 15, 2021 TDK Corporation(6762) stock split PDF
Sep. 15, 2021 TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION(7203) stock split PDF
Feb. 10, 2021 Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation(8953) Investment unit split PDF